Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Hero!

I wasn't able to post yesterday, but wanted to make sure I saluted all of the veteran's. Since we live so close to numerous military facilities, every day is like Veteran's Day for us. You can't help but say thanks to a complete stranger in uniform when you see them in line at a grocery store or gas station.

If you don't already know, my daughter is a Sgt. in the Colorado Army National Guard 220th MP unit. She reenlisted in 2008 at the largest overseas reenlistment ceremony while she was in Iraq. This is a picture of her at one of Saddam's former palaces where the ceremony was held. I can't help but be VERY proud of her!
I went through a very tramatic divorce in 2001 along with becoming totally disabled. Chelsey was just starting her junior year in high school, & I had her staying with friends because of my circumstances. She had completed two years of JROTC classes at her school, and she decided to continue with this program for another two years. Thanks to her teacher, Sgt. Frank Liesten, she not only decided to enlist, but she attended basic training in the summer between her junior & senior years in high school. She graduated from high school and finished her military training, is an Animal Welfare Officer, owns her own dog training business and has a college degree in criminal justice. She could have taken a very different path, but I couldn't be prouder of the direction she took. She'll always be my hero!

Don't forget to stop back on Saturday, the 14th, for my post on the Operation Write Home Veteran's Day Blog Hop. You can click on their link on my sidebar for more information about this wonderful organization. I'll be offering some awesome blog candy to one of my followers that leaves a comment that day, so make sure you don't forget to stop back! There's over 75 blogs involved in the hop, so you won't be disappointed. ~ Lee


Seongsook Duncan said...

Thanks for sharing your story. You must be very proud of her. She is your hero and also our hero.

grandmalee said...

Thanks so much for supporting all of our heroes!


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