Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surprise from a High School Friend

Thanks to facebook and other social media, I have had the pleasure to be able to reconnect with some high school friends and others from my home town.  Many of these people I haven't seen or talked for almost 30 years. 

As many of you may already know, I've been trying hard to overcome a 24 hour bug that went overboard on me thanks to my Crohn's Disease.  From what little time I wasn't sleeping or trying to force myself to drink more fluids, I've was able to talk to one of these high school friends while he was waiting on on his truck to load or unload.  Imagine my surprise when I answered the door to this:
Talk about making my day/week/month!!!  I really miss my gardens, so this really helped bring the garden into me.  Since I'm finally up and around again, I do believe that this is just the medicine I needed!  I can't thank Tim Malone enough for cheering me up with these gorgeous flowers!

Since I can never show you enough pictures of my grandkids, I had to show you all how fast Caleb is growing.  He's six months old now and weighs over 19 pounds!  Talk about wanting to always pinch his cheeks!  He is really into laughing hard as you can see by his picture below.
And of course, here's my version of a perfect little Gerber baby here:


Saturday, June 4, 2011

OWH Memorial Day Bloghop Winner

I hope everyone had a great time checking out the wonderful cards during the Operation Write Home's Memorial Day Blog hop.  I now have tons of new blogs to check out, and hopefully they will spark my mojo since it's been lacking lately.  My computer is finally cooperating enough to post the winner of my blog candy even though Yahoo mail system is down again right now.  Go figure!
I had my grandson, Bradley, pick a name from all of the followers that commented from the OWH Memorial Day blog hop. 
 The winner of the first set of goodies above is:
The winner of the 2nd set of blog candy above is:

Congratulations ladies!  I will be sending you both an email shortly to let you know that you have won, so I can get your addresses to mail your prizes out to you. The real winners are all of us thanks to our brave men and women that serve in the military!

One last note.  I just talked to Chelsey who is stationed in Haiti for some military training.  She has asked me to ask for your prayers for the people who are still living in horrible conditions even after all of the support that this nation has sent after the Hurricane.  Because of the corruption in the government, most of the lumber that was sent is still sitting in warehouses where it is rotting due to the weather conditions.  The children are supposed  to be able to attend school next year, but this may be too late for many of them.  Human trafficking is still a problem, as well as the government corruption that has pilfered most of the aid to their cronies.  The new president doesn't have the support of the congress, and the people are saying they will revolt if the president isn't able to get his legislation through.  It's easy to forget about regions after a natural disaster, so please take the time to include these people in your prayers.



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