Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Bad!

Several months ago I offered blog candy that was won by two very patient people.  I was very sick at the time with my Crohn's Disease, so I had one of my daughters mail the prizes...or so I thought.  I was helping her clean out her car yesterday, and guess what I found.  You're right, both of the blog candy packages!  One of the reasons that I don't blog as often as many other people is due to the problems with my Crohn's Disease, but that is no excuse for me not asking my daughter if she had mailed the packages.  I even had delivery confirmation on the packages, but thought I may have deleted the details when I felt good enough to check my emails again.

I can't believe that Rufus and Velda have been so patient, and both of them never contacted me to see if the blog candy had been shipped yet.  To both of you, I sincerely apologize for this mixup, and I intend to make it right with additional items.  Thanks to both of you for being so gracious!  The packages will be in the mail on Monday...I promise!



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