Monday, August 3, 2009

Some New Toys to Help Me Play

I'm really hyped about all of the new toys I recently got from one of my fav sellers on eBay. I'd tell you who she is, but then I wouldn't get such good deals! teeheeheehee

As you can probably tell, I was lacking in the ink department. No more! At least until the next time. hehe Don't you just hate it when you see work done with specific ink, reinkers, paper, etc. & you don't have anything close to substitute? I usually don't have a problem drawing, painting or handcutting stuff (at least on my good days due to my Crohn's Disease & arthritis), but when you don't have the ink or pens, etc. it really makes it hard to substitute. My days as a graphic designer are over, but thanks to all of the good deals I've gotten lately I'll be playing around for quite a while!

I've been making cards each month for a local nursing home, but I think I will be changing to one of the veteran's nursing homes closer to me. Guy cards haven't been real big with me, but I'm more comfortable doing them now. With all of the great sites & blogs out there, I've picked up on a lot of techniques & ideas to help me be more confident in my masculine cards.
Well, have tons of stuff to put away now, so I better get back to work. Tomorrow I want to work on some projects that I can do now that I have the right inks!
Grandma Lee

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