Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pictures of my Dad & Parent's Wedding

thought I'd share some pictures that my sister sent me the other day.
The first picture is my parent's wedding picture from 1946. Both of my parents have passed, & the maid of honor, my Aunt Thelma, just passed a couple weeks ago. Had the picture been in color, you would notice my Aunt's flaming red hair. She remained this color until her death from pneumonia. This woman was as firey as her hair. She was an administrative secretary for decades at the Cleveland Clinic. She was the first child and the first in the family to be divorced. Growing up during the Depression changed people. It made my aunt even tougher than she already was. She was one of the few family members who didn't end up with Alzheimer's Disease. Next is my dad & his twin brother. They were born on February 22, 1924. His twin died shortly after this picture from heart problems.

My mother, her mother, her first cousin & brother all were diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. When I forget things, I have to remind myself not to freak out & think I'm getting the disease early. I have enough other medical problems, so I hope I'll escape this dreaded disease.

I don't have many pictures of my childhood or family pictures because my mother lost? quite a few things due to her Alzheimer's Disease while she was still at home. Please, if you really cherish pictures, do yourself and your family a favor; make copies & label them and get them to your family members so you don't end up like my family with very little family photos.


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