Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing w/Ranger Dimensional Pearls

I've been watching a lot of videos lately on YouTube since I don't have cable TV. I used to be able to get all three major networks, FOX & PBS, but now I only get ABC, NBC & three Spanish speaking channels aaarrgh! But I digress. I was watching some of the Three Peas in a Bucket videos at These videos are a series that talk about the Ranger line of Distress Pearls, Stickles & Dimensional Pearls. I already love these products, but thanks to these how-tos, I now can add more uses to the list.
If you like bling & have Dimensional Pearls, just squeeze out various size dots on a piece of wax paper or other release medium & then tap them with your finger on the underside to smooth out the surface texture. Let them dry overnight & then you could use them w/your favorite glue to add bling to your cards or scrapbooks. You can also store them for later use.

I love the Twinkling H20s, but their prices were getting out of hand when everyone thought they were going to discontinue them. Well, you can make your own similar products by using your Dimensional Pearls with water. Just mix the two together & apply with an aqua pen or a watercolor brush & you will have gorgeous shine & vivid colors. I love being able to use my supplies for more than one use!
Since I've been talking about medallions, I thought I'd post another example of some more cards made w/Holly Berry House medallion stamps. Both of the following two examples are made with the same stamp, the Cautious Crocus medallion. Even though I used 4 layers on each medallion, I cut them out differently. The last two pieces are cut differently to alter the look. If you can't make as intricate as cuts, the first medallion would be easier to cut. You could even cut as many as seven or eight layers with this stamp. That's what I love so much about medallions. You can just do one layer or tons of layers, or even just change the colors & you look like you are using different stamps.

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