Monday, November 22, 2010

Mega Thanks for Mega Box of Blog Candy!

Operation Write Home had a fabulous Be My Valentine Bloghop last weekend, and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of some fabulous blog candy from this hop.  This particular win was from Jan Hunnicut at Jan's she's gone stampin blog.  I was expecting some cardstock, stickers and stamps, but I wasn't prepared for all of the goodies packed inside of this USPS Priority Flat Rate box!  There were sets of stamps from Stampin' Up!, Penny Black & In Style Stamps, a very gracious handful of cardstock, stickers, chipboard tags, chipboard letters, metal tags, Button-Ups, Fresh Cuts, Glitter, badge stickers, vellum phrases, cards & envelopes, clear overlays, woven words and more!  Talk about some awesome candy!!!!  I can't thank Jan enough for offering this awesome candy in support of Operation Write Home!

I know I've asked you all before, but it's so important to vote everyday for Operation Write Home at Joann's Craft for a Cause.  I vote every morning at 9:00, so I can get the maximum number of votes for this awesome organization.  Operation Write Home always needs your support of your hand-made cards for our soldiers, so why not send them some today?  Even if you can't fill up a USPS Priority Flate Rate Box full, maybe you can fill up a USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope.   We're still working on Valentine's cards until the 10th of January, but if you can get them in by December 1st, Archway will be adding up to 4,000 of their tasty confections to go with these Valentines!  Please, remember not to use glitter on these or any other cards that you make for our troops.  Again, thanks for supporting our troops!

~~~  Lee  ~~~


Rhonda Miller said...

Congrats Lee. Enjoy your goodies.

Rufus said...

Yippee, sounds like Christmas came early. What fun. I've been voting every single day. I want our Heroes to win! Oh, the Archway Valentines went out last week!
Happy Thanksgiving,

Missy said...

I might have to make some Valentine's card. I became an Operation Write Home fan on Facebook a bit ago cuz of one of the your linky links.

Missy said...

It's me again! I gave a shout out to you and Operation Write Home on my blog!

Susan said...

Hey lee, sorry i have been silent, been working on stuff, dealing with stuff, and researching some stuff, LOL! I hope your TG was full of Love and Blessings :)
Please stop by, I have something for you:)


Claire said...

Hi Lee, wow sounds like you got some amazing candy there :-)
Claire xx
PS I left you a little something on my blog

Marion E. said...

Thanks for sharing you part of Christmas Traditions at the blog of Michelle Perkett! How funny to do pretzels and beer... and even for the reindeer!
I loved reading it!

ileana said...

Hi Lee! how are you doing??!! is the baby here already?!! how is your daughter? did you celebrate the baby shower? so many questions... I think you might be busy at the moment, so no worries when you have time send me a note to know you and your loved ones are ok :-) I´ve been very busy too and I´m not enjoying the season at all! well... maybe next year...
Have a great day! a big hug!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Lee! I was linking up for the Michelle Perkett Holiday Magic blog hop today and saw my pic on your blog, hey! lol, I'm so glad you are enjoying the goodies! See you again this weekend :)


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