Monday, April 12, 2010

Stampscapes II Peoplescapes Swap from Ineke

I received another wonderful swap today from the Stampscapes II Yahoo group.  The theme this time was peoplescapes which is to stamp people in the more prominet position as well as using our Stampscapes rubber stamps.  This is a wonderful way to help group members think outside of the box.

This awesome scene was made by Ineke Sloof from the Netherlands.  Although the spotlight of this scene is the Stampscapes stamps, Ineke sent me a history of the The People of Laaf; one of which is spotlighted in this scene.  I wanted to share a shortened version of this story with you. 

It seems that these peace-loving people lived somewhere above the North Pole long, long ago.  The Mother Lot was married to Father Laat and she had the powers to make them all immortal when they grew old and ran out of steam.  Unfortunately, when the North Pole became covered with ice, Father Laaf realized that the cold would kill them.  So they dug deep in the earth to the lava center where it was warm, and Mother Lot and her children went deep into these tunnels to stay warm. 

Unfortunately, Father Laaf stayed on the earth looking for his  dear wife and children not knowing they were safe below, and the temperatures dropped to 60 degrees below zero.  He almost made it to the tunnel after realizing they were probably safe, but he was too late.  The family did retrieve him, and they then began a journey over thousands of years of occasionally coming to the surface to look for a place where they all could live in harmony.  

In 1989, they did find a wonderful place called the Efteling in the Netherlands.  This is an amusement park that is one of Europe's oldest and most attractive.  They have lived there happily ever since, but occasionally Mother Lot will let some of the children travel to other lands that they've heard the visitors speak about.  Many of the children come to the U.S. for new adventures, and Mother Lot checks in on them from time to time.  She asks that all that see them be kind since they have spent so much time underground and have much to learn.

I'm sorry if I hacked this story to pieces, so if any of you want to read the full history, you can find it here.  If you know the language and want to check out the Efteling Amusement park, you can see it here.  I want to thank Ineke for this awesome scene and let her know that it will be treasured on my wall along with other swap scenes I've also received from other group members.
~~  Lee  ~~


Debby said...

Oh My Goodness this is amazing! Brilliant!

Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

I love this. :)

craftieodamae said...

what a fantastic story! Gorgeous card too. TFS


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