Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

I spent Easter with my family out at my youngest daughter's farm after we all went to church.  It was such a beautiful day that the squirt guns that the grandkids got from the Easter bunny were put to good use! 
As you can see, they had a great time!  The oldest tried to hide behind the hot tub, but needless to say his little brother found him & here he was giving Bailey his come play with me look.
The baby duck and goose were having a good time following the kids until Bailey caught one (this was one of the turkeys that he caught).  As you can tell, the weather was in the 80s to the kids delight!

The kids couldn't wait any longer, so they had to go outside for their Easter egg hunt.  Then inside to check out what they got & to see what Grandma Lee had brought them in their baskets.  Sully played the Hulk when he opened his new Transformer.  Now if he could just open those horrible CD packages for us!
Next it was time to go outside and work off some of the food.  The guys played softball for quite a while with Chloe and Bailey.
While they were playing ball, Grandma took Bradley around to meet all of the animals.  He loved to say bawk, bawk like the chicken says along with all of his hilarious motions!  The goat liked his shirt more than the petting he got from my little cutie!
The goose wasn't as pleased to see us especially since he was used to having the yard to himself.  He was happy to hiss us all a goodbye honk!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!
~~  Lee  ~~

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