Monday, May 9, 2011

Computer Problems Still %#@&$%@#

I've had my share of computer problems lately which is why I've not been posting or reading blogs lately.  Do you think it could have something to do with the fact that my computer is over 8 years old?  Most people would've kicked a computer to the curb that is this old, but due to many obstacles (i.e. $$$$), I'm not able to replace it anytime soon.  I always replaced my computers every couple years since the 80s, but I was married and had the money to do it then.  Now, I find it challenging to make it through the month before the big $674 I get a month on SSI disappears. 

This brings me to the problems I'm having now.  I usually download my pictures to a version of Adobe Photoshop that I've had for years.  When I went to download some pics when I got my computer back from the shop, a window came up for me to register the software.  Needless to say, it was originally a free trial version that they no longer offer.  I sent an email to the company see if I could at least get my pictures that are locked up but visible when you go to the initial sign-in.  I'm not holding my breath on this, but if they could at least unlock the pics, I'd be very pleased.  I also had a version of Kodak Easy Share that is also MIA along with a version of HP Photosmart.  It was bad enough that I lost my pictures and thousands of digi stamps, but now I lose the photo programs, too!

I've been all over the web the last couple days trying to find ways to do things differently and hoping to learn some new tricks.  One of the websites I came across was called the Blog Guidebook.  Boy, I wish I had found this blog a few years ago!  I was able to find more tips and techniques in a few minutes than I've learned in years.  If you have some unanswered questions about blogging, or you're feeling overwhelmed with all of the new stuff that keeps popping up, then you're in luck!  Check out this blog, and don't forget to check out the other blogs, too.  I'm always amazed at the amount of people and/or blogs I find through different sites.  Oh, another thing I forgot to mention earlier was that all of the blogs I was following through my dashboard are also gone.  That will be my next item I need to investigate further after I finish combing what's left of the hair I pulled out in the past couple days!

I haven't posted any pics of my newest grandson, Caleb, lately, so here's a few to catch you up!

Yes, you're seeing this right.  Our little sweetheart has hearing aids at the ripe old age of four months!  He actually has had them for a couple months, and they don't seem to bother him at all.  He does have hearing, but he can't hear whispers, or anything below 50 decibels.  His mom and dad are involved with an excellent program called Colorado Hears.  I was surprised that they could fit a child this young with hearing aids, and the fact that every state has a program much like Colorado Hears.  If you're wondering how they found his hearing loss so young, they test all newborns at the hospital after they're born.  It took a bit longer to know for sure with Caleb, because he is a VERY sound sleeper. :o)  They usually just clap around them to see if it startles them, but it took a couple extra appointments before they were able to determine the depth of his loss.  Now, grandma just has to remember to keep it down when he has his ears in! lol

I told you the other day about my youngest daughter joining my oldest by graduating from the Department of Corrections Training Academy.  Here she is just after receiving her certificate.

Many of you might recognize her in another type of uniform.  Yes, she is the one that is a sargeant in the Army National Guard.  She just started her new job on 3rd shift last week.  On May 25th, she puts her other hat on and goes to Haiti for several weeks with the National Guard.  She said there are 5 other guards in her prison that are also in the Guard, so I would hate to be the one that has to do all of the scheduling around their Guard duties.  
~~~ Lee ~~~


Olga said...

first thanks for dropping by, I am so bad at commenting here lately! Sorry bout your computer........I recently got a new one which has Adobe Photoshop elements 9 on it and can not for the life of my figure t out. S I keep going back to my old program Roxio, I'm just no good at computer stuff. If there is anything I can do (yeah right) let me know, your grandson is adorable!!!!!!!!

Trish and Treasure said...

You have obviously done a lot of hard work for you kids to turn out so great with such amazing jobs. Your grandson is adorable!

Trina said...

Thanks for following my blog! Whenever I see your name in blogland, I smile; I have a Grandma Lee! Thanks for sharing these adorable pics of your grandbaby! Hope your computer has been acting better lately...


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