Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally Some Ups and a BIG Down!

Sorry I haven't been here lately, but if you've read the posts about my daughter, Chelsey, being in the hospital then you'd know why.  Well, yesterday we finally got some wonderful news.  The doctors decided to let Chelsey come home, since she can do bed rest just as well at home.  They did warn her that if she had anymore problems  she would be back in the hospital for the duration of her pregnancy.  I think that was a big enough scare for her to stay grounded!  She made out meal plans for her gestational diabetes, and the dogs are so close to her bed that she couldn't get up more often if she wanted to!  She is now at week 25, so please continue to keep her and the baby in your prayers.  We want to thank you again for all of your support and prayers during this trying time. 

Now, for my problems.  My computer crashed last week, and I still don't know if I'll be able to recover anything yet.  I'm on SSI, so needless to say a new computer isn't in the budget for quite a while even though this one was six years old!  My SIL has a buddy that fixes computers, so he said he would look at mine sometime next week.  Until then I've been going over to my DD's house and trying to use theirs when I can.  Their computer is older and doesn't have all of the ports for cameras, so there's no uploading any pictures for now.  I know people say it all of the time, but if you're like me you didn't do it.  So, now I'm saying it and want everyone to not only listen, but do it.  What, you say?  BACKUP EVERYTHING ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, you guessed it!  I didn't and now my pictures and digis and all kinds of files may be lost forever.  Please, don't make the same mistake that I did!  Back your stuff up!

~~~  Lee  ~~~ 

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Olga said...

First I'm glad your daughter is home and hopefully the dogs will keep her in bed, sorry bout your computer. Lets hope that guy can fix it. Yep, it pays to back up your stuff. and now it's easier with flash drives!!


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