Friday, September 10, 2010

A Different Kind of Fight This 9-11

Where were you when you first heard about the attack on the World Trade Center?  Most people can tell you exactly where they were and who was with them during this memorable event.  So many of us took so much for granted until the horrible events of this day came to pass.  Unless you lived on Pearl Harbor, we couldn't imagine this country ever being attacked.  The reality of this day has changed the world as we knew it.

I was in a hospital bed on this eventful day.  I called to the nurses to show them the first and then second plane hitting the towers.  Before long, the TVs went dead.  Was this some mass attack on our communication towers?  No.  It was just the doctors pulling the plug on TV, so they could be ever so cautious for their patients' health while they were under their care.  I missed out on a lot of things in the news the next few weeks while I was in the hospital, but my kids didn't.  My youngest daughter was only 16 years old when this happened, but it helped guide her into one of the biggest decisions in her life. 

That following summer, my daughter, Chelsey, enlisted in the Army National Guard as an MP between her junior and senior year of high school.  She went to basic training in the summer and came back to finish high school.  Chelsey has been to many places that many men couldn't begin to handle.  Her first "deployment" was to help maintain order in St. Bernard's Parish immediately after Hurricane Katrina.  A few years later when she returned from her deployment to Iraq, she told me that nothing she saw in Iraq would ever compare to the horrors she saw after Katrina. 
During Chelsey's deployment to Iraq, she was involved in the biggest overseas reenlistment ceremony on July 4th, 2008 in one of Sadam's former palaces in Iraq.  Even after all she had seen and done, she still decided to reenlist.  She is pictured above with General David Petreaus just after this ceremony.  I couldn't have been prouder of my daughter for her service and for signing up for another four years of duty.

Today, Chelsey is the one in the hospital.  This time, she is fighting for her unborn son's life.  She has been on complete bed rest for the past three weeks after having surgery to stitch her cervix together.  Many of you have already been praying for her, and we can't thank you enough for all you have already done.  We were hoping she would be able to come home this weekend, but the doctors want her to stay in the hospital because her cervix isn't thickening up and is showing signs of spasms.  The prednisone shots were started today to help develop the baby's lungs quicker, and her diet for her gestational diabetes is still helping to maintain her sugar levels without insulin.  Considering the fact that they have tried to get pregnant for over five years, Chelsey is going to do everything necessary to be able to give birth to this precious little boy.  He weighs just over 1 pound 15 ounces today, and has reached the magic 24 weeks on the gestational charts giving him much better chances of survival.  I know that this may not seem like the right time to ask for prayers for Chelsey and the baby during this solemn day, but since she has given so much in order to serve her country, I thought asking for prayers would be appropriate even now.  Many people wouldn't try this hard to save a life.  This is another reason why I couldn't be any prouder of her!
We can never give back to the families that lost so much following the 9-11 tragedy, but we can do what we can to make sure this event never happens again.  Please honor all of the people who have and will continue to serve our country.  One of the ways to help our service member's when they are stationed overseas is to make cards and/or send donations for postage to Operation Write Home.  The cards are sent to the soldiers free of charge, so they have something nice to send home to their families.  I know all too well what these cards mean to the soldiers and their families.  I should.  I started making cards for the troops when Chelsey's unit was stationed in Iraq, and the comments and requests from these soldiers was all that I needed to know that I was doing something that meant so much to them.  Why not try this out for'll be glad that you helped!


Heather said...

This is such a beautiful, touching, heartfelt post. Thank you so much for sharing it all. I do remember where I was when it happened and that I did not understand what was going on. I heard it over the radio on the way to my moms house. I was pregnant with Hannah at the time.

What a wonderful way to honor this day than to honor your daughter who has served and sharing the photo of her reenlisting. Words have escaped me as I continue to look at her photo and think of all she has done and the new journey she is facing. Prayers and hugs and lots of love are going up. We serve a God who is able!

I will be remembering those who were touched by 9/11 today. I think we all were in one way or another. Thank you for this post Lee. Thank you Chelsey for all you have done to protect our country. Bless you.

Talk soon Lee :)


Dolores said...

Hi Lee...have missed you at OWH and thought I'd check if you are okay. I see now that you have so many other sites that you work with as well, and I haven't gotten into that as yet. It's tough enough for me to try to keep up on OWH challenges and making cards to send, and painting too.

Sorry to hear about Chelsey's problems. She'll have a tough road ahead of her now and I'll keep her in my prayers.

Looke through some of your older posts and see you are still doing your wonderful work with so much detail. I'll have to come back more often for your inspiration.

Take care...God be with you too.


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