Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prayers Needed for Chelsey!

Our family is in need of prayers for my youngest daughter, Chelsey.  She is having some problems with her pregnancy and will be hospitalized for the next 3 -7 weeks.  She is in her 21st week of pregnancy, and had surgery the other day to stitch her cervix together.  They had been trying to get pregnant for over five years, so her pregnancy was truly a blessing.  The doctor initially didn't place any restrictions on her, but after her ultrasound on Wednesday they immediately sent her to a hospital in Colorado Springs which is about 50 miles from here. 

Needless to say, we are trying to think of ways to keep her occupied, so she won't go stir crazy laying in bed.  She wants to crochet a baby blanket, so I'll be taking her lots of supplies to keep her busy crocheting.  Chelsey tried her hand at cross-stitch while she was in Iraq, but she didn't last long with it since isn't as crafty as the rest of the family.  If any of you have been in this situation and have any ideas on things to do beyond word searches, I'd appreciate your help.  Please, continue to keep them in your prayers in the upcoming weeks.  THANKS!

~~  Lee  ~~


Holly Moore said...

Oh Lee, I am praying for Chelsey right now and will continue to have her in my thoughts.

Maybe you could set her to coloring images with copics? That is a pretty compact, relaxing and fun project. Maybe jewelry beading? Bracelets are fun. IPhone-type handheld games? If I think of more, I'll comment again. :)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. You are so Sweet! I wanted to let you know I posted my card (along with photos of the inside.)

Take care, Holly R. Moore

helloholley said...

Oh wow!!! I'm so very sorry that she is going through this!!! I was supposed to be bedridden from 3 months and on when I was pregnant with my twins!!! They are now healthy 7 year olds!! (and I didn't stay in bed....I did try to stay off my feet,though......but I had 3 other kids and a step daughter to take care of....and my hubby couldn't stay home from work!)......I will be keeping her and the baby in my thoughts and prayers for sure!!! God is great and His plan is perfect......Please let us know how things are going.....I know it must b difficut for you as her mother and the worry you must have,I will be praying for you all!!! HEy,maybe she can start her own pass the time....if she has a laptop. God's Blessing on your entire family....especially the baby and momma!!!
With Love,

ileana said...

Hi Lee, I´m so sorry to hear about Chelsey (I was going to ask you how was she doing with her pregnancy). I know what it feels to want to get pregnant, the wait and the disappointment when you are not being able to get it, and I know you must be very worried too, I´ll keep you all in my prayers and heart.
I think Holley had a good idea about starting a blog if she is not a crafty girl, maybe she can put into written words what she feels, it might be therapeutic for her and may be she finds other people who are under similar circumstances and can talk about it.
Please keep us updated, lots of hugs

helloholley said...

How is your daughhter doing lately? I am hoping things are looking up for her and her sweet little one!Still praying for all of you!!!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Have a blessed day!!! ;)


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