Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks to All Who Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice!

I hope you all take a few moments today to remember the real reason for this Memorial Day "holiday."  I would like to share an email I received from the USO today, since they say it much better than I ever could:

"Dear USO Supporter,
Memorial Day is an opportunity to reflect on the service and sacrifice of millions of Americans who risked their lives to ensure our freedoms.

It's a time for us to pause from our usual routines and honor all that their commitment has meant to us, our families, and our country.

We ask our men and women in uniform to put themselves in harm's way, and we're confident they will never shy away from even the most difficult of challenges.

Sadly, we also know that some of them may never make it home.

But each day, I am reminded about the other casualties of combat. When I visit a military hospital, I see young men and women who are facing a life they could never have anticipated. I see their wounds, witness their limitless spirit, and am inspired by their determination as they work to recover.

So on this Memorial Day, let us honor those no longer with us. But let's also take a moment and thank those who do return, and offer them our gratitude and the opportunity to have full and productive lives.

Sloan Gibson
President and CEO, USO"
Sgt. Heather Johnsen, the first women to serve on the honor guard at Arlington National Cemetary.  
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Please remember our soldiers today and everyday that have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms!
~~  Lee  ~~

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