Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cards for Heroes Name Change

One of the groups I'm involved with has just changed their name from Cards For Heroes to Operation Write Home. It seems that one problem with the old name was that many people couldn't find them due to a common misspelling of the word heroes. After some research & changing the required documentation issues, they announced their name change a couple days ago.

If you have one of their old stamps, you can continue to use it until you get a new one. They are also able to have visitors to the old site forwarded to the new one. There may be a few kinks along the way, but I'm sure that it will be for the better. I know I have to explain what the group does to many people, so I believe that the name change will help others realize that we make cards for the soldiers to send home to their families.

When my daughter was serving in Iraq, I realized the problems that the soldiers had finding cards to send home. The soldiers receive free postage when they're overseas, but they usually can only get writing paper to send home. When they receive these cards, not only does it boost their morale, but it also helps them realize that we are willing to help both the soldiers & their families that are also enduring hardships. My daughter would always give her soldiers 1st choice on the cards that I sent. This made me realize how important these cards were to the unit.

If you haven't checked out this organization before, check them out at: This page gives you the list of dos & don't to send & other pertinent information. I'm offering blog candy that's listed below to my followers who join with me in sending tons of cards to this organization to be sent to our soldiers serving overseas. I'll be posting the pics soon on what I'm offering, so now's the time to start stamping in support of these gracious heroes.

Thanks in advance for helping these heroes!

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