Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Rubber Stamp Company is Closing

I just read an update on the Softpencil Studio facebook page that The Angel Company is closed.  I went to their website to check it out, and this is their statement:

"It is with great sadness that I must announce we are hanging up our wings.  These past several years our industry has faced enormous challenges and as a result, we have seen many companies close their doors.  We continued to hope we could see The Angel Company through this recession and back into prosperous days and we held onto this hope as long as we could.
One of the largest challenges affecting each of us is our industry not being able to support all of the direct sales companies in our field.  Even in a healthy economy, we are a niche market trying to compete for a very limited number of distributors.  As a small company, this has been a grueling challenge for us.  Times are tough for everyone ~ in direct sales and retail environments.
I would like to thank each of you for being an customer and Angel these past 14 years.  Indeed, it has been a pleasure to serve you.
The Angel Company"

We have lost so many fabulous rubber stamp companies, and many of them have been in the last year or so.  The bigger ones have had as many problems in this economy as the smaller ones.  I couldn't always budget to buy stamps from companies like Cornish Heritage Farms or The Angel Company, but I really loved so many of them and figured I could buy some of their items...later.  Well, later came, and they closed, so now people like me have to take a chance to get their favorites from Ebay, Etsy or other sites or stores.  I guess the lesson here is get them while you still can to help make sure that the company will be there tomorrow.    

~~~ Lee~~~


Shelly Schmidt said...

Thanks for posting- I had not heard this- and I agree with you- too sad!

Heather said...

That makes me sad too. I agree, I have always loved the TAC and had so many on a wish list. That breaks my heart that they are shutting doors. They not only had a good company but good values as well. Thanks for sharing Lee.

Olga said...

that is sad, thanks for letting us know


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